Non-payment of Dues Halts Akshay Kumar’s ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ Shoot, Days after Announcement – Find Out More!

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Days after Akshay Kumar Announces ‘Welcome 3’, Film Faces Trouble Due to Non-payment of Dues


The much-loved ‘Welcome’ franchise, known for its comedic capers, has hit a roadblock as the shoot for the third installment has been stalled. The reason behind the halt is reportedly the non-payment of dues to the technicians from the previous film ‘Welcome 2’.

Federation Appeals for Payment

The Federation Of Western Cine Association (FWICE) has taken up the cause and appealed to the actors and technicians involved in Firoz Nadiadwala’s upcoming film ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ to pressure the producer to clear the outstanding balance owed to filmmaker Anees Bazmee. It is reported that the cheques issued by Nadiadwala for the payment have bounced, leading to mounting frustration among those awaiting their dues.

Non-Cooperation Issued

The FWICE has gone a step further and urged the actors, including leading stars Akshay Kumar and Disha Patni, to refrain from shooting until the pending dues of Rs 2 crore (approximately $270,000) are settled for the technicians. BN Tiwari, President of FWICE, stated that Nadiadwala had initially paid the technicians of ‘Welcome 2’ around Rs 4 crore (approximately $540,000) back in 2015, which was later reduced to Rs 2 crore. However, the payment was stopped after the cheque was deposited.

Non-Cooperation to Take Effect

In light of the situation, FWICE has decided to implement the non-cooperation issued against producer Firoz Nadiadwala in 2015 once again. This means that all the actors and technicians associated with the film will be urged to stand in solidarity and boycott the shoot until the pending dues are cleared.


The ‘Welcome’ franchise has captured the hearts of audiences with its humor and wit. However, the delay caused by the non-payment of dues has brought production to a halt for the much-anticipated ‘Welcome 3′. As FWICE takes a stand for the technicians’ rights, it remains to be seen how the situation unfolds, and whether the pending payments will be resolved amicably.

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