Naseeruddin Shah Faces Backlash for Criticizing ‘Gadar 2’, ‘The Kerala Story’, Puneet Issar Slams Him as Having ‘Verbal Diarrhea’

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Naseeruddin Shah Criticizes Films; Directors Respond

Naseeruddin Shah’s Comments on Controversial Films

Hollywood veteran Naseeruddin Shah recently made headlines with his remarks about films like ‘The Kashmir Files’, ‘The Kerala Story’, and ‘Gadar 2’. Shah expressed concern over the success of such films and stated that it was a dangerous trend.

Similar Statement by Kiran Rao

At a recent event, Kiran Rao, wife of Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan, made a similar comment without naming any specific films. She emphasized that regressive messaging in movies that make huge profits is disheartening.

Directors Respond to the Criticism

‘Gadar 2’ Director Anil Sharma

‘Gadar 2’ director Anil Sharma responded to Naseeruddin Shah’s statement by defending his film’s patriotic theme. He urged Shah to watch the film before passing judgment and confidently stated that it would change his opinion. Sharma emphasized that his goal is to entertain the audience and ensure their money is well spent.

‘The Kerala Story’ Director Sudipto Sen

‘The Kerala Story’ director Sudipto Sen expressed respect for Naseeruddin Shah but criticized his comment as irresponsible. Sen said that Shah has not even watched the film, making it unfair to label it jingoistic.

‘The Kashmir Files’ Director Vivek Agnihotri

‘The Kashmir Files’ director Vivek Agnihotri lashed out at Naseeruddin Shah in a recent interview. Agnihotri accused Shah of supporting terrorists and stated that he doesn’t care about the actor’s opinion due to his zero tolerance for terrorism.

‘The Kashmir Files’ Actor Puneet Issar

Puneet Issar, who acted in ‘The Kashmir Files’, criticized Naseeruddin Shah’s comments, calling him an “idiot of the highest order” and stating that his statements are uncalled for. Although Issar respects Shah as a great actor, he believes the remarks are inappropriate.

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