Lingi Lingi Lingidi: Embrace the High Energy of this Dynamic Folk Number!

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GA2 Pictures Busy with Political Thriller “Kota Bommali PS”

Storyline and Cast

GA2 Pictures is currently busy with a riveting political thriller titled Kota Bommali PS starring versatile actor Srikanth Meka, Varalaxmi Sarathkumar, Rahul Vijay and Shivani Rajashekar in lead roles. The movie has already garnered attention with its captivating First look and title poster.

First Single “Lingi Lingi Lingidi” Released

Directed by Teja Marni of Johar and Arjuna Phalguna fame, the movie has made the headlines again. The makers of the film took to social media to unveil the full on mass first single Lingi Lingi Lingidi. Makers began the musical promotions with Pakka rural Folklore that’s presented with full energy.

Watch the First Single “Lingi Lingi Lingidi” Video:

Srikakulam Folklore with Thumping Beats

This Srikakulam Folklore will make you dance with thumping beats. Midhun Mukundan scored an addictive tune. P Raghu of Relare fame wrote the lyrics and sung this number. The lyrics have The Sriakakulam essence which enhances the music aficionados love on this song.

Amazing Choreography and Celebratory Vibe

Vijay Polanki choreographed amazingly and his simple yet stunning steps for every folk beat brings unlimited energy. The song is a celebration and this is going to play in loop on every Ganesh mandap for sure.

Passionate Producers and Top Technicians

Passionate producers Bunny Vass and Vidya Koppineedi bankrolled the film. The movie has some top technicians handling different crafts. Music is composed by Midhun Mukundan.


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