Legendary filmmaker Rio Kapadia, known for blockbuster hits Chak De India and Dil Chahta Hai, passes away at 66, leaving a void in Bollywood

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Veteran Actor Rio Kapadia Passes Away at 66

Veteran Actor Rio Kapadia Passes Away at 66

Veteran actor Rio Kapadia has died at the age of 66. The actor who is known for his work in Chak De India, Dil Chahta Hai and Mardaani died on September. The news of his death was confirmed by his friend Faisal Malik to India Today. He is survived by his wife, Maria Farah, kids Aman and Veer. (Also read: Guneet Monga on initial struggle to get The Lunchbox released: ‘Didn’t have money to book Irrfan Khan’s room at Cannes’)

More details

Bollywood actor Rio Kapadia had died.

Cremation Ceremony

  • Date: September 15
  • Location: Shiv Dham Shamshan Bhumi in Goregaon

Tributes on Social Media

Many are seen paying tribute to Rio through social media.

Television Appearances

  • Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke – Role: Gandhari’s Father, King Subala of Gandhara
  • Mahabharat (Siddharth Tewary’s) – Role: Gandhari’s Father, King Subala of Gandhara

Rio’s Views on Actor’s Rights

Rio had spoken about actor’s rights in the Television industry and urged other actors to show support for one another. In 2012, when he was replaced by another actor for a prominent part in a show, he had spoken up about the issues that actors face in the industry.

“I belong to no such group…”

In an interview with Telly Chakkar, Rio had said, “I belong to no such group; I have grown up in a different way and have certain values in life. This is a very bad situation for any actor to be in, and many of them have faced this in the industry… When you see the shows made abroad, they prepare the entire script of a particular serial and submit it. Only when the whole story gets approved, the show is aired.

But here, one particular concept goes to the channel, and nobody knows what is going to be written by the writer in the episodes to come. Our audience needs their daily dose of drama and to provide that, the scripts get modified day in and day out. This is the reason why not many of our new shows exist for a time span of more than two months. Gone are the days when shows used to run for a year to two years to a maximum of five to ten years.”

Recent Appearance

He was last seen in one of the episodes of the Prime Video series Made in Heaven Season 2.

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