Kusha Kapila Opens up About Trolling and Coping with Divorce Amidst Arjun Kapoor Dating Speculations

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Kusha Kapila opens up about trolling and relationship rumours

Kusha Kapila opens up about trolling and relationship rumours

Kusha Kapila’s interview with Zoom reveals her perspective on trolling and relationships

Kusha’s support system helps her deal with trolling

The popular social media influencer and actress, Kusha Kapila, recently spoke out about the trolling she has faced following her divorce with Zorawar Ahluwalia. In an interview with Zoom, Kusha shared her gratitude for the strong support system she has:

  • “I think I have a strong support system. My friends, family, colleagues – everyone makes a circle around me which protects me. I am so lucky and privileged to have those people in my life.”

It is evident that her loved ones play a crucial role in helping her navigate through challenging times.

Trolling comes with being a public figure, says Kusha Kapila

Recognizing the nature of being in the public eye, Kusha acknowledged that trolling is often a part of being a public person:

  • “I do understand that this (trolling) is a part of being a public person like if you’re profiting off being a public person, I understand that this is now a part of that. Kuch toh log kahenge logon ka kaam hai kehna and which was going to happen. I think my life now is in the service of making my skin thicker and thicker every day. And that’s just what I work towards literally every day I have to be immune, I have to be thick-skinned and the scars will begin to heal soon enough.”

Rumoured relationship with Arjun Kapoor debunked

Speculations about Kusha Kapila’s relationship with actor Arjun Kapoor arose after the duo was spotted together at Karan Johar’s house party. However, Kusha addressed the rumours and put them to rest through an Instagram broadcast message.

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