Karan Johar Reveals Ranveer Singh’s Enigmatic Side: A ‘Mystery Man’ Beyond the Spotlight, Bollywood News

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Karan Johar says Ranveer Singh is a ‘mystery man, a different person’ when not working

Karan Johar says Ranveer Singh is a ‘mystery man, a different person’ when not working

Karan Johar speaks about Ranveer Singh’s different sides and dedication to his craft


While it was a hushed-up discussion in the entertainment industry, Karan Johar has finally voiced it. Ranveer Singh is not really the live wire all the time and also has a quiet side to himself. The filmmaker, who recently directed Ranveer in Rocky Aur Rani Kii Prem Kahaani, hailed him as an actor and also shared how he is a different person when he’s not working.

Ranveer Singh’s Two Sides

Karan was in conversation with Mid-Day, when he was asked about Ranveer Singh’s high-on-life personality. The director said that while he projects that when he is out in the world, doing interviews or making appearances at events, he’s a different person otherwise. “That Ranveer Singh just vanishes. He is not like that 24X7. In the day, he projects that 10-12 hours, and then the other 12 hours, that person vanishes.

Conserving Energy

  • He becomes a quiet person, who listens to music, is on his own, doesn’t go out.
  • He really doesn’t go to parties and has his 4-5 close friends whom he meets, he has his wife and parents.
  • He is silent and you wouldn’t know where he is,” Karan said.

Ranveer’s Dual Personality

As per Karan, Ranveer is ‘very much two people’ — where one is a silent, introverted person who is happy with himself. The other is an extrovert, exhibitionist and absolutely out-there individual. “I am surprised he is not a Gemini. He is really two people. That second [side], none of you will ever meet. Ranveer is not wired like that. He is conserving to explode.”

Ranveer’s Artistry

Karan Johar called Ranveer Singh a ‘mystery man’, adding that’s where his artistry comes from. He also lauded him as an actor and praised his dedication to his craft. He mentioned how when he’s on set and delivering his line, one would be just in awe of how he transforms himself. Karan said that during the shoot of RRKPK, Ranveer was Rocky Randhawa on set even when the camera was not rolling.


Released in July, Rocky Aur Rani Kii Prem Kahaani marked Karan Johar’s comeback to directing after seven years. The film was a success at the box office, earning almost Rs 350 crore globally.

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