Kangana Ranaut staunchly defends PM Modi against trolls, questions why he should bother – Bollywood latest

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Kangana Ranaut Supports PM Modi Amidst Criticism

Kangana Ranaut took to X (formerly Twitter) on Tuesday to rally behind Prime Minister Narendra Modi and slam
those ‘humiliating him for not knowing how to hold a peg while toasting’. The actor supported PM Modi after
some on X insinuated that PM Modi had laughed without understanding what the US President was saying as
they raised a toast during their recent meeting.
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Kangana Ranaut calls PM Modi ‘most powerful man on this planet’

Prime Minister Narendra Modi with Kangana Ranaut at an event in 2018. (File Photo)
Prime Minister Narendra Modi with Kangana Ranaut at an event in 2018. (File Photo)

Kangana criticises those trolling PM Modi

She tweeted, “Kaisa kalyug manushya ke sar par naach raha hai jo ki pashuyo ke maas ya rakt ka ahar nahi karta,
jo kabhi dhumrpan ya madira sevan nahi karta; aise bhale manush ko neecha dekhaya ja raha hai ki peg pakad kar
hawa mein ghumana nahi aata (What kind of Kaliyuga is dancing on the head of a man, who does not have meat or
blood of animals, who never smokes or consumes alcohol; such a good man is being humiliated that he does not
know how to hold a peg and swing it in the air).”

She further wrote, “Alcohol is medically/clinically/scientifically proven in every way to be hundred percent
damaging for human system. Kya Joe Biden zameen pe baith ke haath se khana kha sakta hai kya (Can Joe Biden eat
food from his hand while sitting on the ground)? Why should our PM bother about things that are beneath his
interests and standards?”

PM Modi’s video with Joe Biden

Kangana’s tweet came after some on X shared a short video clip from an event claiming that PM Modi was laughing
without understanding what US President Joe Biden was trying to say. A few also insinuated that PM Modi is
often seen ‘hysterically’ laughing with world leaders because he does not understand what they are saying.

One of the tweets read, “Ever wondered why in most of Modi’s pics with foreign leaders, Modi is laughing
hysterically? This video explains the ‘why’. Biden, while toasting, asked to raise the left hand instead of
the right if there’s no alcohol in the glass (It’s actually a norm – an unwritten rule). Narendra Modi, of
course, had no idea what Biden was proposing so he did what he does best. Acted as if he got the joke ( It was
no joke ) and started laughing before Biden could even finish his sentence. Biden felt offended and said,
“You think I’m kidding!!” And moved on. The whole branding of Modi’s image might have costed millions but if
there’s no substance this is what it looks like.”

Kangana on PM Modi

The actor has often praised the Prime Minister in her social media posts. Last year, she had called PM Modi the
‘most powerful man on this planet’ as she wished him on his birthday. He turned 72 on September 17. The actor
shared an old photo of the two from an event, along with a long birthday message on Instagram Stories.

She had written, “Happy birthday honorable Prime Minister @narendramodi. From selling tea on railway platforms
as a child to becoming the most powerful man on this planet, what an incredible journey… we wish you a long,
long life, but like Rama, like Krishna, Like Gandhi, you are immortal. Now etched forever in the conscious of
this nation and beyond. You will love forever. Nothing can erase your legacy that’s why I call you an Avatar…
blessed to have you as our leader.”

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