In Saira Banu’s Unseen Pictures of Renowned Artist MF Husain and a Young Madhuri Dixit

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Saira Banu Pays Tribute to M.F Husain on His Birth Anniversary


Veteran actress Saira Banu paid a heartfelt tribute to the celebrated painter M.F. Husain, Maqbool Fida Husain, on his birth anniversary on Sunday. Saira Banu revealed that M.F. Husain was a “dear friend and admirer” of her husband, the legendary Dilip Kumar. Saira Banu, known for her elaborate notes on Instagram, also recalled the time when M.F. Husain visited her husband.

M.F Husain’s Portrait of Dilip Kumar

  • Saira Banu reminisces about the time M.F. Husain sketched a portrait of her husband
  • Saira Banu recalls the visit of M.F. Husain and Bakul Rajni Patel to Dilip Kumar’s bedside when he had a high fever
  • The sketch of Dilip Kumar made by M.F. Husain is cherished by Saira Banu
  • M.F. Husain later submitted a portrait of Dilip Kumar to a museum in Hyderabad

The Friendship Between M.F. Husain and Dilip Kumar

Saira Banu shares details of the friendship between M.F. Husain and Dilip Kumar:

  • They often met at ‘The Taj Hotel Chambers’ for high tea, lunch, dinners, and family functions
  • Pran Saab and Satish Bhalla would honk the horn outside their house for midnight drives

M.F. Husain’s Artwork

Saira Banu speaks highly of M.F. Husain’s brilliant artwork:

  • M.F. Husain was a globally celebrated Indian artist of the 20th century
  • He created paintings inspired by various themes such as Horses, Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi, the Ramayana, and the British Raj
  • His famous painting ‘Five Horses’ symbolizes power, knowledge, and freedom of spirit in Indian mythology

M.F. Husain’s Love for Madhuri Dixit

M.F. Husain’s favorite muse was Madhuri Dixit, according to Saira Banu:

  • M.F. Husain was inspired by Madhuri Dixit’s persona and made several beautiful paintings of her
  • He also cast Madhuri Dixit in the film “Gaja Gamini”

M.F. Husain’s Unconventional Style

Saira Banu reveals M.F. Husain’s idiosyncrasies:

  • M.F. Husain was often seen completely barefoot, even while stepping out of his swanky Mercedes
  • Saira Banu wonders how he coped in cold freezing countries without shoes


M.F. Husain’s legacy continues to inspire and captivate art enthusiasts around the world. Saira Banu reminisces about the influential artist, sharing intimate details of their friendship and his love for Madhuri Dixit.

M.F. Husain died on June 9, 2011, in London’s Royal Brompton Hospital.

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