Haryana CM’s Viral Statement: Next Time You’ll be Aboard Chandrayaan in Latest News India

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AAP Slams Haryana Chief Minister Khattar for Mocking Woman’s Request for Factory

Video of Haryana CM Khattar Mocking Woman Goes Viral

A video of Haryana chief minister Manohar Lal Khattar telling a woman that next time she would be sent to the moon on the next Chandrayaan has gone viral courtesy the Aam Aadmi Party.

The only crime of the woman is that she asked for a factory for employment generation, according to the AAP.

Political Parties React to Khattar’s Remarks

  • The AAP criticized Khattar, stating that he should not make fun of the public.
  • The Congress condemned Khattar’s response and accused BJP and RSS of disrespecting women.
  • Khattar has not yet reacted to the viral video.

In the video from Khattar’s public address, a woman asked for a factory. “Agli bar jo chand ke upar jayega na Chandrayaan 4, usmein tumko bhej denge. Baith jao (Next time, you will be sent to the moon on Chandrayaan 4. Sit down),” the chief minister said.

Both the AAP and Congress expressed their outrage at Khattar’s response.

This incident sheds light on the treatment of women in politics and raises questions about the respect they receive in BJP and RSS.

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