Get ready to laugh with BTS’ V as he hilariously portrays his beloved imaginary cat in an entertaining new video!

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BTS’ V’s Hilarious Cat Cosplay Video

BTS’ V stills from video; Picture Courtesy: PIXID’s YouTube

BTS’ V on Are you Team Dog or Team Cat? Can you find the impostor?

On September 2, PIXID dropped a new video starring BTS’ V aka Kim Taehyung where he had to cosplay as a cat owner to blend in with the other cat owners. Since he only has a dog named Yeontan, he wasn’t aware of the traits of cats so he tried his best to convince the rest of the group. His replies are one of the hilarious things to watch.

Key highlights:

  • Real-time reactions of V trying to convince others
  • Imposter’s true identity revealed
  • Kim Taehyung’s witty responses lauded
  • Sense of camaraderie among pet enthusiasts

BTS’ V’s recent activities

Dingo released a new episode of ‘Great Job Today 2023’ with V on the YouTube channel of Dingo Story. In this video, V met Hayoung, a student in the military department who fantasizes about turning into a female officer and takes the officer exam consistently. The two sat opposite one another at the table and had their first meal together. They went on an arcade date as they got to know one another better and lived it up together. In the car coming back after they spent an exceptional day together, V talked about his feelings, saying, “You laughed so much today that even my mood was quite improved.” At last, V gave sweet advice to Hayoung, saying, “Thank you for liking me. Try not to be too tired, be happy, don’t become ill, and always have a great day.”

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