Gautam Rode & Pankhuri Awasthy Reveal Twin Names on Janmashtami – Embracing Vedic & Javanese Traditions

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Gautam Rode & Pankhuri Awasthy Unveil Twin Names on Janmashtami

Television stars Gautam Rode and Pankhuri Awasthy recently welcomed twins

On the auspicious occasion of Janmashtami, September 7th, Gautam Rode and Pankhuri Awasthy held a naming ceremony for their newborn twins. They unveiled the names of their precious babies, marking another beautiful chapter in their journey as a family.

Gautam Rode & Pankhuri Awasthy Unveil Twins’ Names on Janmashtami

On September 7th, new mom Pankhuri Awasthy shared the joyous news of their twins’ naming ceremony. Through a beautiful video, Pankhuri and Gautam Rode revealed the unique and meaningful names they chose for their babies. The couple proudly named their daughter Radhya and their son Raditya.

Pankhuri explained the significance of their names, “RADHYA means One who is worthy of worship. It is also an endearing name for Radha ji, who is revered as the Goddess of Love, Tenderness, Compassion, and Devotion in Hinduism. RADHYA is the embodiment of spiritual love and Krishna’s feminine counterpart and internal potency.” She further added, “RADITYA means Surya – the Sun. Ra is the ancient Egyptian deity of the Sun, and Aditya refers to the offspring of Aditi, the goddess representing infinity. In Sanskrit usage, all the Vedic Ādityas metamorphosed into one composite deity, Surya, the Sun.”

Pankhuri Awasthy & Gautam Rode’s Love Story

Pankhuri and Gautam’s love story blossomed while working together on the TV show Suryaputra Karn. Their journey led to a beautiful wedding in Rajasthan in 2018, resembling a fairy tale romance.

In April 2023, the couple announced their pregnancy through a charming animated video, and during their baby shower, it was revealed that they were expecting twins. On July 26, they happily shared the news of welcoming a baby girl and a baby boy through a C-section delivery. On July 30, they took their precious babies home.

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