Gadar 2 Craze Takes Over Box Office, R Balki Surrenders to Ghoomer’s Smashing Success

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R Balki Opens Up About the Poor Box Office Performance of Ghoomer


R Balki, the director of the film Ghoomer, recently shared his insights on the movie’s disappointing box office performance. In an interview with The Indian Express, Balki expressed his views on how the film was affected by the massive success of Gadar 2. Despite receiving positive reviews, Ghoomer was not able to gain proper attention and showcasing. Let’s delve into Balki’s thoughts on Ghoomer’s box office performance and the challenges it faced.

On Ghoomer’s Box Office

Ghoomer released a week after Gadar 2.
  • Gadar 2, starring Sunny Deol and Ameesha Patel, was released on August 11.
  • Ghoomer, on the other hand, hit the theaters on August 18.
  • Balki mentioned in the interview that Ghoomer “got smashed” due to the unexpected success of Gadar 2.
  • He stated that they couldn’t secure a different release date and thought they would have a better chance if they released alongside Gadar 2.
  • The unexpected success of Gadar 2 was like a “tsunami” for Ghoomer.

Balki further added that Ghoomer required sufficient time for positive word-of-mouth to spread, which it couldn’t get due to the overwhelming response to other films. Despite having a strong word-of-mouth impact, Ghoomer’s proper showcasing was compromised.

Tough Competition

  • Ghoomer faced tough competition not only from Gadar 2 but also from OMG 2.
  • OMG 2, a sports drama starring Abhishek Bachchan and Saiyami Kher, collected a total six-day collection of ₹4.41 crore.
  • In contrast, Gadar 2 broke multiple records and entered the ₹500 crore club.

Interestingly, it is worth noting that Sunny Deol, the star of Gadar 2, was also part of Balki’s previous film, Chup: Revenge of the Artist.

About Ghoomer

Ghoomer revolves around the story of a coach, played by Abhishek Bachchan, whose life takes an unexpected turn when he meets a paraplegic athlete, portrayed by Saiyami Kher. The film explores their journey together amidst societal issues and personal struggles.

The Hindustan Times review of Ghoomer appreciated its crisp runtime of 2 hours and 20 minutes. The film also touched upon various themes, including gender equality, discrimination in sports, the importance of education, and superstitious beliefs. Vishal Sinha’s cinematography was commended for capturing the essence of Ghoomer magnificently, especially during the cricket scenes.

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