Former Journalist Vishwas Gautam Reveals Difficulty in Comprehending Amitabh Bachchan’s Fluent English at KBC 15 Event

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The latest episode of Kaun Banega Crorepati 15 begins with ‘Fastest Finger First’ round

Vishwas Gautam from Meerut, UP takes the hot seat. He is a former journalist and says this is the 3rd or 4th meeting of theirs.

Contestant Vishwas Gautam recalls his meeting with Big B

He recalls, “I was quite young back then and you came for a book opening. I went with a lot of confidence. I thought you would give a speech in English and I would make notes. Then you started speaking and I couldn’t understand a word. Neither had I heard those words before nor did they exist in the dictionary. I thought someone would note them down. But everyone had blank pages. Then I came and asked you to give me a copy of that speech.”

Big B thanks him and says, “When I have to give a speech specially in front of eminent personalities like you, I have to prepare and research properly.”

The contestant shared that currently he looks into marketing and research at an institute in Meerut.

Vishwas tells Big B, “The way your voice reached all people through the phone during Covid-19, the impact it had on people can’t beat anything.” Big B replied saying, “The way it was written, it had to seem like I am talking face-to-face only and not talking to the entire population. And it has to be written properly and it is possible for people like you. I am just a voice.”

Using lifeline for Rs 5000 question

He uses an audience poll for Rs 5000 question: Which of these is the biggest size of paper? A. A1, B. A2, C. A3, D. A4. With help of the poll, he correctly answers option A.

He uses a double dip lifeline for Rs 10,000 question: Rabindra Sadan and Netaji Bhavan are metro stations in which city? A. Delhi, B. Kolkata, C. Chennai, D. Bengaluru.

He goes for option B and wins Rs 10,000.

His question for Rs 40,000 is: Rakesh Pal was appointed as the Director General of which organization in July 2023? A. Delhi Police, B. CRPF, C. Research and Analysis Wing, D. Indian Coast Guard.

He goes for option C but the correct answer is option D. He takes home Rs 10,000.

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