Fiery Exchange in Bigg Boss 7 Telugu: Shivaji Sparks Heated Argument!

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The Latest Drama in Bigg Boss Telugu – Argument between Shivaji and Priyanka Jain

Nomination Time

The Bigg Boss show in Telugu is in its seventh season and one contestant, Kiran Rathod has already been eliminated yesterday. Things have picked up once again in the show as it is nomination time.

Heated Argument

During the nomination process, actor Shivaji got into a heated argument with TV actress Priyanka Jain. As he was speaking rudely to her, Priyanka got upset and started to fight with Sivaji.

The Popular Actor

In no time, the argument heated up and things went our of hand. Shivaji is the most popular actor on the show and is also one of the favorites to win the show this year as per the makers.

Tensions Rising

But his words are not going well with the young contestants and Priyanka is one of them. We need to see how Shivaji handles himself in the days to come. Watch this space for more.

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