Experience the Thrilling Vibes of Peddha Kapu-1: Unapologetically Loud & Raw in its Official Trailer!

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Director Srikanth Addala Introduces Virat Karrna as Hero in Political Drama ‘Peddha Kapu-1’

Teaser Impresses Audience, Trailer Unleashed by VV Vinayak

Director Srikanth Addala is introducing Virat Karrna as a hero with the upcoming political drama Peddha Kapu-1. After making a positive impression on the movie with the teaser, the makers came up with the theatrical trailer unleashed by VV Vinayak.

A Hard-Hitting Tale of Caste Discrimination

People belonging to low caste are killed for no big reason and there’s no one to oppose them. Under these circumstances, a youngster comes forward to take on the tyrants. However, it’s no easy task for him and the people who follow his path.

Director Srikanth Addala’s Engaging Narrative

It’s a hard-hitting tale of caste discrimination. While the upper class makes the rules, the lower class has no option but to follow them. Srikanth Addala narrated this tale in an engaging manner. Particularly, dialogues are very powerful. The director even played an antagonist and he impresses big time.

Surprise Performance by Virat Karrna

Virat is a surprise package. The youngster didn’t look like a first-timer. He has come up with a brilliant performance. He seems to have performed some breathtaking stunt sequences. Chota K Naidu’s camera work and Mickey J Meyer’s BGM is loud. The production design of Miryala Ravinder Reddy’s Dwaraka Creations is top-notch for the genre of the movie.

Increasing Curiosity to Watch the Movie

Overall, the trailer increases our curiosity to watch the movie which is scheduled for its release on September 29th.

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