Exclusive: Atlee Shares Insight on Directing Shah Rukh Khan in ‘Jawan’ and Praises the Global Star’s Visionary Approach

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Atlee Shares How he Reacted on Directing Shah Rukh Khan and Why he writes Daddy Roles the Best

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Director Atlee Kumar is running high on the mammoth success of his recent release. His film Jawan, starring Shah Rukh Khan, Vijay Sethupathi and Nayanthara among others is shattering records and is on course to emerge as the highest grossing Indian film of the year. The 5-time blockbuster director, in his exclusive interview with Pinkvilla, talked about how he was approached to direct Shah Rukh Khan, why he writes daddy roles the best, what his dream project is, and much more.

Atlee Kumar Shares How Shah Rukh Khan Approached Him To Direct His Film

In an exclusive Pinkvilla interview with Himesh Mankad, Atlee Kumar was asked about how he imagined Shah Rukh Khan in an avatar the audience hasn’t seen him in, for over 30 years, especially Vikram Rathore, which is the actor’s most commercial character yet. Atlee, before answering, talked about how he was approached to direct Jawan. He said, “Shah Rukh sir is a visionary person. When he called me, you know what is the game. I came and I said, ‘Sir, it’s a great opportunity for anybody in the world to work with you, Mr Khan’. He is something else. It’s not even an opportunity, it is something else. So, I have done four films and that too in my territory and my space. Someone from a bigger territory, a bigger space, a bigger audience; bigger footfalls and the star of the country. He is a global icon of India. So, he came to me and said, ‘I want to make an Atlee film. An Atlee film. What magic you create, I want you to create that magic’. That’s where I felt he’s a visionary.”

Atlee Shares Why He Writes Daddy Characters The Best And What Inspired Him To Write The Character Of Jawan

Atlee continued, “I came up with my own writing and whatever I am good at, I feel personally, I wrote that to him. Then I found a character called Vikram Rathore. I am a daddy boy. First hero of your life is your daddy. So I always write the daddy as best heroes and characters. I made Vikram Rathore like Rayappan of my previous film. So when I narrated him, he was very happy. He said, ‘It has all your drama. We have to make it right.’ When we did the look test, it was something else to me. The first shot, I still remember. It is a single shot, a single take. He comes out of smoke. I saw the shot and I knew the film is going to be something else which we have not seen Khan sir for all these years. So I am very happy. I am very very happy and I’ve got god’s blessing.”

Jawan is now playing at a theatre near you.

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