Delhi Police’s Latest Advisory on Road Safety Adds a Witty ‘Jawan’ Twist – Check Out the Post Now

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Delhi Police’s Latest Advisory On Road Safety Has Witty ‘Jawan’ Twist. See Post

The post has amassed more than 9,600 views with several comments

Delhi Police’s Latest Advisory On Road Safety Has Witty ‘Jawan’ Twist. See Post


Delhi Police is known for using witty and innovative methods to spread awareness. The police department often uses memes to communicate their message to the netizens. Taking to Twitter on Sunday, the police department shared a uniquely drafted special traffic advisory using a reference from Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Jawan’.

The Post

In the caption accompanying their post, the department wrote, “BACHCHA, BADA YA JAWAN, HELMET BACHA SAKTA HAI JAAN!” (Be it Children, Old or Young, a helmet can save a life!).

In this post, the police department intriguingly used a video from the recently released movie ‘Jawan’ in which actor Shah Rukh Khan can be seen riding a bike without a helmet.

See the post here:


  • The tweet has amassed more than 9,600 views
  • Several comments were received
  • One user wrote, “Delhi Police is also in full mood.”
  • Another user commented, “Delhi police editing is of a different level, admin is a memer for sure.”
  • The third user wrote, “Wow !! This is epic”

Similar Initiatives

Earlier, Nagpur police shared an interesting meme for an advisory on cybersecurity. The police department equated various appearances of Shah Rukh Khan in Jawan with distinct password choices.

Uttar Pradesh Police also shared a meme urging riders to wear a helmet while riding a two-wheeler. The police department shared an image of SRK with his head covered in a bandage. The caption read, “Be it young or old, never forget a helmet before sitting on a two-wheeler”.


Delhi Police’s use of memes and innovative methods to spread awareness about road safety has garnered attention and engagement on social media. Such initiatives not only capture the attention of the audience but also effectively convey important messages.

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