Dalip Tahil Recalls Shah Rukh Khan’s Challenging Encounter with Deewana Director, Raj Kanwar’s Unexpected Action Surprises All!

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Superstar Shah Rukh Khan’s determination to do things his own way took director Raj Kanwar by surprise, recalls Dalip Tahil. Read on!

“Shah Rukh Khan Was New & Got Into A Thing With Deewana Director,” Recalls Dalip Tahil Who Was Flabbergasted & Feared Things May Deteriorate Between The Two (Photo Credit – Instagram; IMDb)

Superstar Shah Rukh Khan is one of the biggest actors in the Indian cinema now. However, thirty years ago, SRK began his career in Bollywood with Deewana. His co-star Dalip Tahil has opened up about his experience of working with King Khan.

Dalip Tahil recently appeared on the Untriggered with Aminjaz podcast, where he revealed, “I actually worked with Shah Rukh when he first came to Bombay. The first film that he did was a film called Deewana. He had just come to Bombay and his career was just taking off. There was a very well-known director called Raj Kanwar. Raj was an established director and he was very known to be a person who wanted his own way. I mean, like most directors tend to be. I was amazed at Shah Rukh because he was new and he got into a thing with Raj Kanwar, who was flabbergasted.”

“He (Raj) said, no, I think we should do it this way. I think the scene should be done like this.’ Shah Rukh wanted to do it his way. I was flabbergasted as well because I was standing there saying, what’s going on? I was amused. I was like, okay, what’s going to happen now? Eventually, his energy and his conviction were so positive that I saw Raj say, ‘Let’s try it your way.’”

Dalip continued, “He did it his way. It was really remarkable because it absolutely shows the kind of confidence and positivity, and what he brought to the table. He continues to do that. I read something about him where he said, Even if I flop, I’m going to flop doing it my way. He’s got a really amazing dynamism. He’s got that energy which is very unique.”

Shah Rukh Khan’s most recent movie, Jawan, hit the screens on September 7, raking in an impressive Rs 75 crore upon its debut and swiftly amassing a global total of Rs 200 crore within a mere two days.

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