Dalip Tahil Opens Up: Unforgettable Encounter with a Female Fan After Baazigar – Beating Shah Rukh Khan Left Her Furious!

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Dalip Tahil recalls encounter with Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘besotted’ fan

Dalip Tahil recalls encounter with Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘besotted’ fan


Shah Rukh Khan’s 1993 romantic thriller, Baazigar, stands as an iconic entry in the superstar’s illustrious filmography. His portrayal of an anti-hero driven by vengeance garnered widespread acclaim. Over the years, the film has ascended to the status of a cult classic, owing to its substantial commercial success upon release.

Another standout performance came from veteran actor Dalip Tahil, who portrayed the lead antagonist, Madan Chopra. In a recent conversation, Tahil shared an intriguing anecdote about a fan who confronted him for his character’s actions against Shah Rukh’s character in the movie. He emphasized that such things can have a profound impact on people.

Dalip Tahil recalls encounter with Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘besotted’ fan

During an episode of Untriggered with Aminjaz, Dalip Tahil was posed with the question of whether it’s considered a compliment when audiences despise a character portrayed by an actor in a negative role. The seasoned actor responded, saying, “It’s sort of strange because it is a compliment that they actually don’t like you because the audience associates you with the character. I did it so well that so and so hates my guts. And it happened to me.”

He went on to recount a memorable encounter, saying, “At Heathrow Airport in London, I was just about to go to the boarding place. And this girl came to me and she said, ‘Why did you beat Shah Rukh Khan so much? Why did you?’ She was clearly and totally besotted with Shah Rukh. And the way she said it to me, I began to feel really terrible.”

Tahil emphasized that such things can indeed leave a lasting impact on individuals, especially those who are emotionally vulnerable. He shared, “So I said, ‘Well, he hit me as well.’ She said, ‘That doesn’t matter. You’re the bad guy. He’s going to hit you. But why did you do this to him?’ I mean, it has a deep impact on people’s minds, particularly people who are vulnerable.”

More about Shah Rukh Khan’s Baazigar

Baazigar is a 1993 Bollywood film directed by Abbas-Mustan and produced by Venus Movies. The film features Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol in the lead roles, with a supporting cast that includes Raakhee, Shilpa Shetty, Dalip Tahil, Siddharth Ray, and Johnny Lever. The movie also boasted a highly successful music album.

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