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Sunny Deol Breaks Down Crying Overwhelmed with Love for Gadar 2

Sunny Deol has appeared for a talk show where he broke down and kept crying overwhelmed with all the love he is getting for Gadar 2.

Gadar 2 Star Sunny Deol Breaks Down After Crowd Cheers For Him


Sunny Deol has created a rampage with his film Gadar 2 at the Box Office. With the 500+ crore club, the film has turned into a hysteria, and the actor recently sat down for an interview with a live audience where he was welcomed with loud hoots and cheers. The superstar received a thunderous welcome and people could not stop applauding him.

Sunny Deol’s Emotional Breakdown

Looking at such warmth and love, Sunny could not hold back and teared apart. His voice trembled as he acknowledged the love and started crying profusely as he was overwhelmed with all this love and recognition with his latest release.

Talk Show Appearance

Sunny Deol appeared on Rajat Sharma’s famous talk show Aap Ki Adalat, and as he entered the witness

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