Chinmayi Sripaada Stands Strong with Women Victimized at AR Rahman’s Concert: An Empowering Show of Support

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Singer Chinmayi Sripaada Supports Women Who Experienced Harassment at AR Rahman Concert

Chinmayi’s Response

Chinmayi Sripaada has reacted to the AR Rahman concert fiasco.


Singer Chinmayi Sripaada has reacted to the fiasco surrounding the AR Rahman concert in Chennai. The singer came out in support of women who allegedly went through sexual harassment and molestation during the stampede at AR Rahman’s concert.

Chinmayi’s Response

  • Chinmayi took to social media to express her support for the women who experienced sexual harassment.
  • She emphasized that it is not their fault and that they deserve only love and healing.
  • She also condemned those who discredited the victims’ stories of harassment.

About AR Rahman Concert

On Sunday, AR Rahman performed at Marakuma Nenjam concert at Adityaram Palace in Chennai’s Paniyur. Due to mismanagement, tickets were oversold, leading to a stampede-like situation at the venue. Many women shared accounts of molestation and groping they suffered due to overcrowding on social media.

Rahman’s Apology

  • AR Rahman posted an apology on social media and promised refunds to those who were unable to enter the concert.
  • The organizers took full responsibility for the mismanagement and issued an apology.

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