Central Crime Branch arrests Tamil Movie Producer Ravindran Chandrasekaran: Latest Update

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Tamil Movie Producer Ravindran Chandrasekaran Arrested for Cheating Case

Tamil Movie Producer Ravindran Chandrasekaran Arrested for Cheating Case

Romantic Time Turns Sour

Tamil movie producer Ravindran Chandrasekaran, known for his romantic escapades with his wife Mahalakshmi, has now found himself in hot water. Reports suggest that he has been booked for a cheating case.

Arrested for Cheating a Businessman

The Central Crime Branch of Chennai has reportedly arrested Ravindran Chandrasekaran for cheating a businessman out of Rs 16 crore.

False Promises and Fake Documents

In October 2020, the producer approached businessman Balaji with a proposal to invest in a new business venture. The project aimed to convert municipal solid waste into energy through a power project. Balaji agreed to invest Rs 15,83,20,000 in the venture.

  • The producer failed to initiate the business as promised.
  • He did not repay the invested money to the businessman.
  • The accused tried to deceive the investor by creating fake documents of the project’s profits and losses.

Legal Consequences

Upon discovering the fraudulent activities, a case was registered against Ravindran Chandrasekaran in the Central Crime Branch (CCB) and the Enforcement Directorate of Chennai (EDF).

The producer went into hiding following the complaint, but has now been apprehended by the commissioner of police. He has been remanded in judicial custody.

Waiting for More Details

As the investigation progresses, authorities are expected to uncover further information about the case.

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