BTS’s V Sparks A Buzz with Breakfast Combination, Emphasizing the Significance of Quantity

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Everyone will be rushing to try it now!

Everyone will be rushing to try it now!

Koreaboo | 4 hours ago

BTS’s V Reveals His Go-to Breakfast Option

Like all idols, ARMYs love watching V eat and are always interested in the kind of food he likes, including anything special that they might want to try. Now, it seems like V might spark a new breakfast trend.

Episode of You Quiz on the Block featuring V

On September 6, the episode of You Quiz on the Block starring V was finally released, and of course, the idol looked ethereal, dressed like a prince. While there were a lot of memorable moments, and V discussed a lot of in-depth stories about his career, the hosts of the show started the episode light.

V’s Breakfast Picks

Yoo Jae Sook asked V whether he had breakfast before arriving at the show, and V put everyone’s mind at ease when he shared his go-to breakfast option for that day – triangular kimbap and cup noodles spaghetti.

  • Triangular kimbap
  • Cup noodles spaghetti

V’s Favorite Flavor of Kimbap

After sharing his breakfast picks, V was asked about his favorite flavor of kimbap. V explained the importance of quantity and how there is now more tuna mayo in the triangular kimbap, making it bigger and more filling for him.

Originally, there was very little tuna mayo in it, so I used to feel little sad, but it’s changed a lot these days. I was always a bit sad at the last bite, but these days it’s (puts a thumbs up sign). I also add soft-boiled eggs. — V

V’s Breakfast Choice Goes Viral

When V’s breakfast choice was shared on a Korean forum, many fans couldn’t get over how cute the idol’s choice was and even expressed their interest in trying it for themselves.

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