BTS’s V Confirms ARMYs’ Profound Impact on His Transformative Personality

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BTS’s V Reveals How He Connects with ARMYs Through Social Media

BTS’s V Reveals How He Connects with ARMYs Through Social Media


In a recent interview with IU on her show IU’s Palette, BTS’s V shared how he stays connected with ARMYs through various social media platforms. He expressed his curiosity about their activities and believes that reading their posts has influenced his own personality.

Curiosity About ARMYs

  • V revealed that whenever he is bored, he becomes curious about ARMYs and their daily lives.
  • He would check social media to see what ARMYs were up to, reflecting on his own experiences of boredom.
  • Quietly observing their activities has become a habit for him.

A Window into ARMYs’ Lives

  • As V reads ARMYs’ posts, he feels connected to them and time goes by quickly.
  • He appreciates the letters from ARMYs, where they share their daily experiences, joys, and struggles.
  • By reading these posts, V gains insight into the lives of ARMYs and finds inspiration for his own social media posts.

Influence on V’s Personality

  • V believes that his personality has been influenced by reading ARMYs’ posts.
  • He naturally follows their example and shares about his own day through social media.
  • According to V, he has become more “ARMY-ish” due to this connection with fans.


BTS’s V’s active presence on social media can be attributed to his curiosity about ARMYs and his desire to connect with them. By reading their posts, he gains insight into their lives and finds inspiration for his own content. This interaction with fans has played a significant role in shaping his personality.

Source: 이지금 [IU Official]/YouTube


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