BTS’s Jungkook Reveals His Most Heartfelt Regret from This Summer: A Candid and Honest Reflection

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He has nothing to be sorry for!

7 hours ago

In his recent interview with Vogue Korea, BTS’s Jungkook opened up about a current regret.

BTS’s Jungkook During the interview, Jungkook was asked, “What’ve been your biggest regrets and joys this summer?” Jungkook revealed that his most immense joy was the reception of his solo debut single “Seven,” but his biggest regret is his performance at one of Suga’s concerts during the SUGA | Agust D “D-DAY” Tour.

The first thing that comes to mind—perhaps because it happened recently—is when I appeared at Yoon-gi’s solo concert. I feel like I could’ve done better [laughs]! The happy part is that Seven was well-received. ARMY, I love you! — Jungkook

The BTS maknae surprised ARMYs during Suga’s Agust D encore show in Seoul in August.

He performed Agust D and MAX’s “Burn It” with Suga and his solo single “Seven (feat. Latto).”

Jungkook even held a live broadcast after, revealing that he made a “mistake” that ARMYs didn’t even notice.

He explained what happened and asked Suga if he could return to the next show to re-do it.

Oh, by the way… About ‘Seven.’ While performing ‘Seven,’ I took off the in-ear. And suddenly, I couldn’t really grasp the pitch. I couldn’t hear the music and… so I didn’t know if I was going a bit flat or a bit sharp. I was like, ‘Oh man, what am I going to do?’ But… I kept singing. Just kept going. I was going off on the beat of the drums. I could only hear the drums. And the sound of my own voice from my microphone was so loud… I just struggled with getting the right pitch. But, I mean, I know how I sing that song. So I kept going to the beat of the drums. It felt like a super-raw live, just me singing to the drums. It wasn’t really about the quality of the sound system, either. Anyway, I was… It was a chaotic moment. Should I look up the performance? — Jungkook

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