BTS’s J-Hope Joins Weverse to Celebrate Jungkook and RM’s Birthdays, Spreading Joy and Love

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BTS Members Wish Each Other Happy Birthday on Weverse

BTS Members Wish Each Other Happy Birthday on Weverse


In a heartwarming display of camaraderie, BTS member J-Hope took the time to wish his fellow member Jungkook a happy birthday on Weverse. Despite being busy with his mandatory military service, J-Hope left a belated birthday message on Jungkook’s previously shared letter. Similarly, RM also celebrated his birthday on Weverse and wrote a reflective letter about turning 29.

J-Hope Wishes Jungkook Happy Birthday

J-Hope, known for being the first to comment on BTS members’ posts, surprised fans by leaving Jungkook a birthday message a couple of weeks later than expected. Despite his busy schedule, he expressed his love for his “bro” and wished him a belated happy birthday.

  • J-Hope’s comment: “our jungkookie the ggukie, I’m late but happy birthday 😭😢🫡I’m leaving a [reply] now because I’m so busylabyu (love you)❤️‍🔥”

RM Reflects on Turning 29

RM, the leader of BTS, also took to Weverse to share his thoughts on his last birthday in his 20s. He expressed his shyness about birthdays but also his gratitude for the love and well-wishes he received from fans. RM contemplated the significance of love and the impact it has on his life. He shared his desire to be more honest and optimistic, and how music allows him to do so.

  • RM’s letter: “Hello. It’s my last birthday in my 20s. I’m not sure if it’s because of my occupational characteristic, but it feels that a bit of shyness accompanies the day called birthday…”
  • J-Hope’s reply: “namjoonie happy birthday 😢🫡 i love you❤️‍🔥”

Jin’s Birthday Wish for Jungkook

Prior to J-Hope and RM’s birthday messages, Jin had left a comment on Weverse for Jungkook’s birthday. This shows the tight bond between the BTS members as they support and celebrate each other’s special occasions.

As BTS continues their individual activities and military service, fans are delighted to see the members stay connected through platforms like Weverse, creating heartwarming moments and showing their love and appreciation for one another.

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