BTS V Opens Up About Overwhelming Pressure: Prioritizing Mental Health Amidst Intense Schedule

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BTS’ Kim Taehyung Joins Suga on Suchwita Drinking Show


BTS member Kim Taehyung, also known as V, recently appeared as a guest on Suga’s drinking show, Suchwita. The long-awaited premiere of the show finally took place on Monday. During the episode, V and Suga discussed various topics, including V’s newly released solo album Layover, BTS’ reunion plans, and their shared memories from the past.

Kim Taehyung and Suga in Suchwita

Kim Taehyung aka V was the latest guest on Suga’s show.

Kim Taehyung’s Dark Phase in 2018

In the midst of their conversation, Kim Taehyung opened up about a difficult phase he went through in 2018. He revealed that he was surrounded by negative thoughts and was exhausted from BTS’ hectic schedule. V even admitted that he had contemplated hurting himself in order to get some rest. He shared this revelation with the fans through Suchwita, as he believed that many people were unaware of the hardships they faced.

Struggles of BTS Members

Suga also acknowledged the exhaustion that all BTS members experienced during that time. He mentioned that they had moments of feeling burned out, despite giving their best efforts. They discussed how they focused on their achievements rather than their own well-being, leading to physical and mental exhaustion. V expressed his feelings of comparing himself to others, feeling a slower pace and different thoughts resulted in a more severe burnout for him.

Thoughts of Self-Harm

V revealed that he had seriously considered hurting himself due to his exhaustion. He confessed that he felt so drained and exhausted that he simply wanted a day off. However, the group was in the middle of preparing for their comeback, and he couldn’t rest. He even thought that getting injured could be a way to get some much-needed rest. Fortunately, V now wants to change his mindset from that time and prioritize self-care.

BTS’ Hiatus and Solo Careers

BTS, consisting of RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook, is currently on a hiatus to focus on their individual solo careers. Each member is pursuing their own artistic endeavors and exploring new opportunities.

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