BTS Jungkook’s Airport Appearance Captivates ARMYs, but a Charming Tarzan Bodyguard Steals the Spotlight!

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Do the staff know they have their own fandom? – Koreaboo

Do the staff know they have their own fandom?

Koreaboo – 10 hours ago

Jungkook steals the attention

While BTS’s Jungkook captured the hearts of ARMYs worldwide, someone else stole the attention of fans after the idol arrived for an overseas schedule. On September 12, Jungkook was spotted looking as handsome as ever as he arrived at Incheon Airport to head back to America for an overseas schedule. Dressed in dark denim with a cute beanie, the idol’s smile could be seen through his eyes, even if his mask covered it. If his visuals weren’t enough, Jungkook truly had so much charm as he interacted with the media and ARMYs, showcasing a more hyper and active side to himself.

  • Jungkook wows netizens with his unreal visuals
  • His behavior at Incheon Airport grabs attention

Introducing the “Tarzan Bodyguard”

Yet, while Jungkook wowed netizens with his unreal visuals and behavior at Incheon Airport, he wasn’t the only person ARMYs were obsessed with. BTS are known for having handsome staff members who are enough to distract even the most loyal ARMY. At the airport, fans instantly noticed a staff member with long hair and he instantly gained attention for being handsome.

  • The staff member gains attention for his looks
  • Quickly goes viral on TikTok
  • He has been dubbed “Tarzan Bodyguard”
  • Uncertainty whether he is a bodyguard or a staff member

In the comments, ARMYs had the best reactions as they apologized to Jungkook for falling for the staff that the OP dubbed “Tarzan Bodyguard.” Netizens always joke that there must be a requirement to be handsome to work at HYBE.

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