BTS’ Jimin Opens Up About His Struggle with Spicy Food; V and Jin Playful Teasing Ensues

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BTS’ Jimin Opens Up About Coping with Spicy Food


BTS member Park Jimin has difficulty eating spicy food. He opened up about ways he thinks he can cope up with spicy food in his latest post on the online fan community, Weverse. While he shared his take on handling the heat, his fellow members Jin and V were seen pulling his leg for his words of wisdom.

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Jimin on spicy food

BTS members Jimin, V and Jin reunited on Weverse after quite sometime.

Jimin shares his thoughts

  • Jimin wrote, as per a translation by @nightstar1201 on X, “I was really really curious about it. It doesn’t come out even if I search for it. It’s really spicy when you eat spicy food. If you eat something hot at that time, you’ll feel pain for a while, but won’t it get better soon? I searched it because I was curious. But I don’t think anyone has this question anywhere. Is there anyone who thinks similar to me?”

Reaction from Jin

  • Jin mocked Jimin’s post, saying, “Thank you. I passed Seoul National University because I ate spicy food and hot food after reading this article.”

V’s response on Weverse

  • Jimin asked Kim Taehyung to join the conversation and try his suggestion.
  • V teased Jimin by saying, “Spicy is just spicy.”


This is not the first time that Jimin shared his struggle with eating spicy food. Previously, Jimin, in a live session, was seen stuffing his face with spicy fried chicken and ramyeon, while making faces. He also shed some ‘artificial tears’.

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