Bigg Boss Telugu 7: Sparks Fly as Shivaji and Rathika Engage in a Fiery House Argument

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Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 First Weekend

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 First Weekend

Contestants Clash Amidst “Powerastra” Task

As Bigg Boss Telugu season 7 reached its first weekend, things started
heating up in the house as the difference of opinions among the
contestants came out like a volcano on each other. This entire argument
scenario popped up in the third level task related to the “Powerastra”
(5-week immunity).

  • Shivaji and Rathika joined Aata Sandeep and Priyanka Jain
  • In the task, remaining 11 contestants need to pick the undeserving
    ones among these 4 people by throwing mud in the respective clock
  • Rathika got most of the mud buckets and Shivaji got the second
  • Bigg Boss disqualify Shivaji and Rathika from the Powerastra race

Secret Task and Stellar Performances

Before this, Bigg Boss planned a secret task named “Eggs breaking” to
Damini and Kiran Rathore. Both of them failed in this task and missed
the chance to impress Bigg Boss. Meanwhile, Shakila gave a stellar
performance by frightening the other contestants, with the set designed
by Shivaji. If Shivaji’s activities and performances from the past 5
days are any indication, he may easily reach the top 5 places.

Ulta Pulta Weekend Predictions

However, this is Bigg Boss house and anything can happen here. This
season’s theme is Ulta Pulta, which means “Everything is upside down”.
As the first weekend arrives, host King Nagarjuna is going to come to
give feedback to all the contestants. There will be discussions on
secret tasks, love stories, and arguments. The prediction game starts
now – who is in the safe zone and in the danger zone? Who will be the
first one saved by the audience? At the same time, who will be shown
the exit doors this weekend?

Let’s get ready for Bigg Boss Telugu season 7 first weekend.

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