Bigg Boss 7 Telugu: Unleashing Decent Comedy with This Dynamic Duo

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Bigg Boss 7 Immunity Task Begins with a Bang

Exciting Battle of Immunity in Bigg Boss House

Bigg Boss 7 is underway and the Hungama in the house has already started. The makers have started the immunity task which can be used by the winners to save themselves for five weeks altogether.

Wrestlers Add Thrill to the Immunity Task

On the other hand, the tasks to obtain these immunities have started. Two massive wrestlers were called upon and the ones who fought them for the longest time would win to be in the final of immunity task.

Tasty Teja and Hero Sivaji Bring Comedy and Action

In all this, the contestants took this as a fun task. Tasty Teja and hero Sivaji created decent comedy and thrilled the audience with the action-packed task. Otherwise, too, these two artists have made the house look more fun with their antics.

Hero Sivaji Impresses with his Charm

Hero Sivaji is gelling quite well with the youngsters and we need to see how far will he go in the show in the days to come. Nagarjuna hosts Bigg Boss 7 Telugu.

  • Bigg Boss 7 is currently ongoing and the excitement has already begun.
  • Contestants can win immunities to save themselves for a total of five weeks.
  • The immunity task includes battling two massive wrestlers.
  • Tasty Teja and Hero Sivaji bring comedic relief and entertainment to the task.
  • Hero Sivaji is impressing with his charm and bonding with the younger contestants.
  • Nagarjuna continues to host the Telugu version of Bigg Boss 7.

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