Bigg Boss 7 Telugu: Shakeela Accuses Contestant of Being Fake!

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Bigg Boss 7: Shakeela Eliminated, Calls Pallavi Prashanth Fake


Bigg Boss 7 is throwing new surprises with each passing day. If Kiran Rathod, a popular actor was shown the door in the first week, it is Shakeela who was eliminated today by the audience in a shocking manner.

Shakeela’s Opinion on Pallavi Prashanth

In one of her post-interviews for the show, Shakeela was asked to give her opinion about all the contestants in the house. Shakeela gave an honest opinion about all but called Pallavi Prashanth fake.

  • Shakeela believes that Pallavi Prashanth is faking his real side.
  • According to Shakeela, Pallavi Prashanth is only seeking popularity from the show.
  • She states that Pallavi Prashanth’s small-town farmer look is just a show put up and nothing else.

Confirmation of Pallavi Prashanth Being Fake

Pallavi Prashanth is a popular YouTuber who has been dreaming of entering the Bigg Boss house for the longest time. Even the housemates nominated him for being fake and now Shakeela has confirmed it through an interview.


The elimination of Shakeela and her candid opinion about Pallavi Prashanth being fake has added more drama and intrigue to Bigg Boss 7.

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