Bhutanese Actor with Real-Life Army Background Shines in Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Jawan’ – Get All the Details

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The Journey of Bhutanese actor Sangay Tsheltrim in ‘Jawan’

The Journey of Bhutanese actor Sangay Tsheltrim in ‘Jawan’

The ‘Jawan’ Fever Sweeps the Nation

The ‘Jawan’ fever has taken over the country as audiences are flocking cinema halls to watch the spectacle of Shah
Rukh Khan. Apart from the actor’s powerful performance, audiences have been praising the film’s supporting cast
as well.

Sangay Tsheltrim – The Standout Performer

One of the standout performers in ‘Jawan’ is Bhutanese actor Sangay Tsheltrim, who portrays the role of police
officer Juju in the movie. His exceptional acting skills have grabbed the attention of viewers.

A Unique Background

Sangay Tsheltrim stands out among the cast members as he is the only one with real-life experience serving as
a soldier (jawan). Two decades ago, he was a part of the Bhutanese army and resigned to pursue a career in fitness
and bodybuilding.

A Journey from Soldier to Bodybuilder

  • Sangay’s career took a successful turn as he became Mr Bhutan and participated in bodybuilding competitions
  • Accidentally, Sangay entered the world of acting when Salman Khan cast him for a negative role in ‘Radhe’ a
    couple of years ago.
  • In an interview with Mid-Day, Sangay mentioned that his Bollywood debut wasn’t planned but fate and Salman
    sir’s kindness brought him the opportunity.

An Unexpected Transition to Acting

In an exclusive interview with ETimes, Sangay shared his thoughts on his professional journey, stating, “I think
my entire transition from being a young kid to being an army officer to a bodybuilder led me to become an actor.
It wasn’t my dream or ambition to become an actor; I accidentally landed into the field of acting.”

The movie ‘Jawan’ has had a phenomenal start, earning a record-breaking Rs 75 crore on its first day of release.

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