AR Rahman’s Chennai Concert Sparks Chaos and Stampede-Like Situation: A Night Enveloped in Wild Excitement

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AR Rahman Concert Turns into Nightmare for Fans

AR Rahman Concert Turns into Nightmare for Fans

The Concert

Music maestro AR Rahman held a concert titled ‘Marakuma Nenjam’ at Adityaram Palace in Chennai’s Paniyur on Sunday. The highly anticipated event, however, turned out to be a ”traumatic” experience for several fans.

Fans Complain of Overcrowding and Mismanagement

Many fans took to social media to share videos of their ”bizarre” and ”harrowing” experiences at the concert. They complained about overcrowding, stampede-like situations, and poor management by the organisers.

  • Fans were not allowed to enter the venue, despite having valid tickets.
  • Stampede-like situations occurred, resulting in women being harassed and children being separated and injured.
  • Thousands of fans alleged that organisers oversold tickets.

Unhappy Concert-Goers Express Disappointment

Several attendees voiced their disappointment and frustration with the concert.

  • One woman complained about the overcrowding and lack of regulation at the venue.
  • A family highlighted the absence of promised parking space, leading them to park their cars two kilometers away.
  • A fan described the concert as the worst ever attended, citing lack of security, disorganized seating, and a stampede-like situation.

Various Complaints Arise from Concert-Goers

Concert-goers expressed their grievances on social media regarding different aspects of the event.

  • Poor parking facilities and traffic congestion were major concerns raised by attendees.
  • Some complained about the low volume, making the performance barely audible for those away from the stage.
  • Others suffered panic attacks and anxiety due to overcrowding.

AR Rahman’s Response

AR Rahman responded to the complaints and asked fans to email their tickets and grievances to his team for a response. His response came after the organisers apologised for the overcrowding.

Upcoming Projects

AR Rahman, known for his remarkable music compositions, has several upcoming projects in the pipeline.

  • Some of his upcoming projects include ‘Ayalaan’, ‘Maamannan’, ‘Maidaan’, ‘Pippa’, ‘Aadujeevitham’, ‘Laal Salaam’, and a collaboration with Kamal Haasan for Mani Ratnam’s next film.

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