Anupamaa Written Update: Vanraj’s Emotional Dilemma – Unable to Accept Kavya’s Baby

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Anupamaa Faces Consequences of Vanraj’s Decision


Anupamaa, a popular Indian TV show, aired its latest episode on September 3. This episode witnessed the repercussions of Vanraj’s decision to accept his baby with Kavya. Let’s dive into the details.

Leela’s Concern

Vanraj’s mother, Leela, expresses her worries about the impact of his decision on the family’s reputation. She believes it will tarnish their name and begs him to reconsider. Vanraj defends his choice, reminding Leela of his own past mistakes.

Anupamaa’s Advice

Anupamaa advises Vanraj to think rationally before finalizing his decision. She questions his true commitment and warns him of potential regrets in the future. Anupamaa emphasizes the importance of making a clear and unwavering choice for a lifelong commitment.

Kavya’s Emotional Moment

Kavya eagerly waits for Vanraj’s acceptance and reaches for his hand. However, Anupamaa intervenes and raises doubts about Vanraj’s commitment. This leaves Kavya in emotional turmoil and raises questions about their future together.

Dimpy and Samar’s Banter

Samar and Dimpy engage in light-hearted banter as they discuss the family’s dramatic situation. Dimpy finds entertainment in the household’s theatrics and jokes about not needing OTT subscriptions anymore.

Anuj’s Troubling Phone Call

Anuj receives a shocking phone call that deeply troubles him. Meanwhile, Ankush apologizes for misplacing a cash briefcase and important documents, causing tension within the family. Accusations are thrown around, and Anupamaa tries to diffuse the situation.

Vanraj’s Final Decision

In a tense moment, Kavya pressurizes Vanraj for his decision. However, he surprises everyone by stating that he cannot accept Anirudh’s baby.


This episode of Anupamaa kept the audience on the edge of their seats. The consequences of Vanraj’s decision continue to unfold, leaving the viewers curious about what lies ahead for the characters.

This episode was watched on Hotstar.

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