Anupamaa Written Update: Adhik Receives Clean Chit from Police, Unnerving Romil

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Anupamaa: An Emotional Twist

Anuj Receives Disturbing News at the Hospital

  • Anuj received a call from the police regarding a girl resembling Pakhi
  • Anupamaa and Ankush stay at home while Anuj goes to the hospital
  • Barkha approaches Anupamaa to defend Adhik’s character
  • Anupamaa remains silent and does not withdraw her complaint

Ankush Supports Adhik, But Anupamaa Stays Determined

  • Ankush vouches for Adhik’s character in front of Anupamaa
  • Anupamaa refuses to take back her complaint and insists on finding Pakhi
  • Anupamaa worries about Pakhi’s safety

Anupamaa Seeks Support from Her Family

  • Barkha and Ankush decide to bring Anupamaa to the Shah house
  • Anupamaa breaks down in Leela’s arms upon arriving at the Shah house
  • Anuj confirms that the body found is not Pakhi’s
  • The inspector reveals Adhik’s involvement in fraudulent activities, but not in Pakhi’s kidnapping

Adhik Pleads Innocence, Romil Receives Disturbing News

  • Barkha defends Adhik’s innocence, expressing frustration at not being listened to
  • Adhik confronts the Shah family and pleads innocence while being accused of manipulation
  • Romil receives a phone call warning him of the risks involved

The Family Explores Other Possibilities

  • Anupamaa agrees to consider other possibilities, bringing Adhik in front of everyone
  • The family vows to find Pakhi at any cost
  • Prayers are offered to Kanha Ji for his blessings on Pakhi

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