Anil Sharma suggests Jr NTR as Tara Singh: Reviving Gadar with actors from the current generation

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Gadar 2 Close to Surpassing Rs 500 Crore at Indian Box Office

Gadar 2, featuring Sunny Deol, Ameesha Patel, Utkarsh Sharma, in the lead is close to surpassing Rs 500 crore at the Indian box office. It is the spiritual sequel to the 2001 movie Gadar: Ek Prem Katha. The film has won the hearts of the audiences who were delighted to see Sunny and Ameesha back in the roles of Tara Singh and Sakeena. Viewers have praised their chemistry which managed to charm them even after 22 years and the music which remains iconic till this date. Recently, director Anil Sharma was asked who he would cast in the role of Tara Singh if the first Gadar was made in today’s times. He revealed that only Jr NTR could play the character from the current generation.

Anil Sharma would cast Jr NTR from the current generation of actors as Tara Singh in Gadar

In a recent conversation with Bollywood Hungama, Anil Sharma stated, “I don’t find anyone in the young (lot). Bombay mein toh nahi hai south me phir bhi hai thoda play kar sakta Junior NTR aisa koi banda kar sakta hai, inki kuch image hai baki aur bombay mein toh nahi kar sakta.”

Fan reactions to Anil Sharma’s statement about Jr NTR being right for Gadar

The fans of the south superstar were overjoyed at hearing the director’s comments. They agreed with him and emphasized that the actor would win hearts with his role in his next movie Devara. One fan said, “@tarak9999 can do any role with utmost perfection #ManOfMassesNTR #Devara,” while another person wrote, “Only the people who have seen all the movies of #NTR can realize why he said that wait for his next #PanIndia film #Devara to witness the Real beast in him.”

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