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Sunny Deol Shares Video of Fun Vacation in the US

Amid rumours of taking Dharmendra to US for treatment, Sunny Deol shares video of him ‘having fun’ on his holiday

Actor Sunny Deol enjoys vacation with his parents in the US

Actor Sunny Deol, who is basking in the success of Gadar 2, recently took off to the USA for a vacation with his family. The actor on Wednesday shared a video of himself having fun during his vacation on social media. As he left for the US with his parents, there were rumours of him taking Dharmendra for some medical treatment. But the rumours were put to rest by the actor’s team.

Fun-filled video shared on Instagram

The video that Sunny shared on Instagram has him teasing his friend for ordering pizza. He says had he been at a hotel in India, he would have ordered a whole lot of food but what he is getting there is a pizza. On this, his friend tells him, “Ok, I will get you an In&Out burger.” Dressed casually in a t-shirt and a pullover, with a cap, the actor is seen in a jovial mood in the video. Along with the video, Deol wrote, “Pizza Party. Having fun. Just be silly. ENJOY.”

Rumours put to rest

On Tuesday, Sunny Deol’s spokesperson confirmed that the actor is off to the US for a holiday with his parents. The spokesperson stated that Dharmendra is hale and hearty, and there is nothing to worry about. The actor is a little bothered by reports regarding his father’s health, as they have gone on holiday together.

Meeting their daughters in the US

Reports also suggest that Sunny Deol has taken his parents to meet their daughters, Vijeta and Ajeita, who live in the US.

Box office success of Gadar 2

The film Gadar 2, directed by Anil Sharma, has had a blockbuster run at the box office. After 33 days, the film has earned a whopping Rs 516.08 crore. However, it is now showing signs of slowing down with the release of Jawan.

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