Actor Shivaji Faces Escalating Animosity in Bigg Boss 7 Telugu

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Bigg Boss 7 Telugu: First Week Elimination and Nominations

Bigg Boss 7 Telugu fever has caught on all over the Telugu states. One week has been wrapped up and Kiran Rathod was the one who was eliminated in the first week itself shocking one and all.

Popular actor Shivaji has made heads turn in the house with his powerful voice and gameplay. This week, he got five nominations as almost half of the house was against him and the way he is playing the game.

Controversies Surrounding Shivaji in Bigg Boss House

The common opinion in the house is that he is dominating others and is poking them to become aggressive. On the other hand, Pallavi Prashanth is also the one who received four nominations.

But Shivaji is the one who has caught the attention of many and is being hated in Bigg Boss as of now. We need to see how long he will survive in the house in the days to come.

  • Bigg Boss 7 Telugu fever spreads in Telugu states
  • Kiran Rathod eliminated in the first week
  • Shivaji receives five nominations due to controversial gameplay
  • Opinion in the house is that Shivaji is dominating and provoking aggression
  • Pallavi Prashanth receives four nominations
  • Shivaji becomes a focus of attention and is disliked by many

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