Actor Priyamani unveils her surprise placement behind Shah Rukh Khan in Jawan’s Zinda Banda song, credits his guidance: ‘He acknowledged her as my dance teacher,’ shares the revelation

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Priyamani reveals she was placed behind Shah Rukh Khan in Jawan’s Zinda Banda song, actor got her ahead: ‘He told Atlee she is my dance teacher…’

Actor Priyamani has revealed how the team of Jawan shot for the film’s massive “Zinda Banda” song, where superstar Shah Rukh Khan ensured she was next to him while dancing. The duo had previously worked in Chennai Express for another chartbuster track, “One Two Three Four Get On The Dance Floor”. In an interview with Connect FM Canada, Priyamani said when the actors were rehearsing for the first set of choreography that was given to them, she was placed behind Shah Rukh. When the superstar arrived on set, he “categorically” looked around to see where Priyamani was and noticed that she was behind him. Priyamani said Shah Rukh Khan told the choreographer Shobi Master and director Atlee that she should be next to him, as she has been his “dance teacher” since Chennai Express and in case he forgets his steps, he will follow her moves.

Key Points:

  • Superstar Shah Rukh Khan ensured Priyamani was next to him while shooting the song
  • Priyamani revealed that Shah Rukh Khan considered her his “dance teacher”
  • Shah Rukh Khan wanted Priyamani to stand next to him in the song
  • He asked her to guide him if he forgets any steps during the shoot

Complementing Shah Rukh Khan’s dedication towards his craft

Priyamani said nobody can “match” what Shah Rukh has. The actor said SRK kept rehearsing to get the steps perfect and never said no for anything. “So, it was great dancing and I think the energy is amazing. People are loving the song and even now a lot of people are doing reels and they’re sending it to us. They’re tagging us and saying, ‘Look, Zinda Banda fever is happening. Jawan fever is going on.’ So it was great.”

Jawan’s Box Office Success

Also starring Nayanthara, Jawan opened to a blockbuster response on September 7 and is already breaking–and making-records. The film is on its way to challenge the lifetime total of Shah Rukh Khan’s Pathaan, which stands as the highest grossing Bollywood film at Rs 524 crore (Hindi version).

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